Thursday, August 09, 2007

Windows Computer Alias for sharing

Windows natively supports NFS shares through the URI \\server-name \\ip.add.ress. Often though, you want to give the computer a different alias for example:
Or multiple aliases:
\\, \\corp-file-server, \\Printer-Stations, etc.

Typically you would accomplish this you by changing the NetBIOS name to "dev", but instead, you can specifically define the aliases though the registry key:
Add Value: OptionalNames REG_SZ String: "Alias"
Make it a type REG_MULTI_SZ to support multiple aliases.

Moreover, you can support all aliases; i.e. tell Windows to accept any share request that comes to its IP. This is the registry key:
Data Type: DWORD
Value Name: DisableStrictNameChecking
Value: 1

A reboot is necessary (or possibly just restarting the Server | Workstation service) to allow the changes to take effect.

Don't forget that you'll also need File & Printer sharing enable, Firewall off or an exception for File sharing, and that the alias name must resolve either through DNS or a custom HOSTS declaration.

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